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Over the years, family names have often changed and mutated. The surname 'Roper' is no exception and has been written in a variety of ways throughout the centuries. A simple explanation would be that Roper was applied to people that made ropes where the base material was from the rape plant. Consequently Raper was changed to Roper. Alternative evidence shows a line of mutation from 'Musard' (probably of Norman descent) to Rubra Spatha, Rospear, Rouspee, Ropere, Roeper, Rooper and finally Roper. Today, some modern Roper lines have opted to use the surname Roeper or Rooper.

In the 14th century, the most famous 'Teynham, Kent' Roper family was in jeopardy: John Roper had just a single daughter 'Isolda', and no related Roper males were available to continue the title. This was solved when Isolda married 'Richard Fourneaux'. He declared a covenant stating: "Any issue will forsake its paternal name and assume that of 'Roper' and descend the Barons Teynham", thus retaining the Roper name and title.

Succeeding generations of this Roper/Rooper family prospered and members were assigned and rewarded with considerable roles of influence within the nation. In 1603, John Roper was knighted, and then in 1616, he was advanced to the dignity of 'Baron of the Realm' by the title of 'Lord Teynham', which continues to this day.

Eine andere Quelle:
The Norman People R929.3 N789, p.382: Roper, or de Rupierre. This family has been supposed to be descended from a member of the house of Musard, who is said to have assumed the name of 'Rospear or De Rubruspatha;' but there is no evidence for the statement. The name is derived from Rupierre near Caen, Normandy, the lords of which were of great importance in the 11th & 12th centuries (Des Bois). William de Rupierre (who came to England with the Conqueror) is mentioned by Ordericus Vitalis; in 1090 he commanded the forces of Duke Robert. The Counts of Rupierre continued in Normandy till the last century. In 1099 William de Rupierre possessed Trenouville, Grenteville, and Fremont, and was a benefactor of Troarn. The seal of Roger de Rupierre represents a shield divided into twelve squares, each containing a martlet, the original evidently from which the modern Roper arms are derived. In England Robert de Ruperia paid fines in Notts and Derby; and the heiress of John Rooper of Turndish, Derby, m. De Fourneaux, who assumed her name. Roger de Rupers, of the Norman line, held lands in Warwick or Leicester, t. John, where he granted the advowson to Tewksbury Abbey. From his family descend the Roopers and the Barons Teynham.

Noch eine andere Quelle:

I have found Germans with the surname Röper. Some Roper families in Texas are of German origin.
Watch out for confusing the surname Rosser with Roper in early United States records, because ß was often used for the first letter of the double-s, which is difficult to distinguish from the letter p in handwriting (Roßser looks like Roper).

Farben der Familie??
Ropers often ask me if there is a crest or coat of arms for the Roper family. The short answer is "no". The long answer is that there are some titled Ropers that have such.

                   Wappen der Famile Teyham

Die britische Seite der Familie:

1st: John Roper b 1534 d 1618
2nd: Christopher Roper b c1562 m 1590 d 1622 (son)
3rd: John Roper d 1627 (son)
4th: Christopher Roper b c1621 m 1640 d 1673 (son)
5th: Christopher Roper m 1674 d 1689 (son)
6th: John Roper d 1697 (son)
7th: Christopher Roper d 1699 (brother)
8th: Henry Roper b c1676 m 1703,1715 d 1723 (brother)
9th: Philip Roper b 1707 d 1727 (son)
l0th: Henry Roper m 1733,1766,1772 d 1781 (brother)
l1th: Henry Roper b 1733 m 1753 d 1786 (son)
12th: Henry Roper b 1764 d 1800 (son)
13th: John Roper b 1767 d 1824 (brother)
14th: Henry Francis Roper-Curzon b 1767 m 1788,1828 d 1842 (cousin)
15th: Henry Roper-Curzon b 1789 m 1815,1839 d 1842 (son)
16th: George Henry Roper-Curzon b 1798 m 1822,1873 (brother)
17th: Henry George Roper-Curzon b 1822 m 1860 d 1892 (son)
18th: Henry John Philip Roper-Curzon b 1867 m 1895 d 1936 (son)
19th: Christopher John Henry Roper-Curzon b 1896 m 1927,1955 (son)
20th: John Christopher Ingham Roper-Curzon b 1928 m 1964 (son)